psychotherapy in between

It is a great pleasure for us to provide support, empowerment and psychological services, at people in need.

We believe in the power and effectiveness of psychotherapy as a means of personal change. Our goal is not only symptoms’ relief, but also a better ability to enjoy love in our relationships, to work creatively, and to know ourselves in depth.

We intend to help children enjoy their play, become able to dream, explore and learn about the world around them, and in developing a sense of security in themselves.

Your sense of security is a priority for us.

The child who separates easily from the parent to explore his/her environment and to learn from his/her experiences can do so only because he/she feels secure enough about the parent-child attachment.

The same applies to adolescence and adult life as well. We can explore our thoughts and feelings, our personal history, the different options we have, only when we rely on the sympathetic presence of another person, which helps us restore our sense of security.

As clinical psychologists, we specialize in treating a range of emotional needs, personal challenges and mental health issues. Our services include psychometric and clinical evaluations, therapeutic consultations, and psychotherapy with infants-toddlers, children, adolescents, and their families, as well as with adults and adult couples.

We look forward to responding to any query you might have regarding our services.